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Apple CEO Tim Cook will take a $35 million cut in 2023.

As per the organization’s intermediary explanation, Tim Cook got $99.4 million in compensation for the entire year of 2022. In the event that you separate it, the compensation is $3 million and the stock honors are around $83 million. Around $13.4 million is one more type of remuneration.

Tim Cook acquired $98.7 million out of 2021. Yet, in 2023, Apple’s Chief will accept a decrease in salary, as per Bloomberg’s Imprint Gurman. It is additionally said that this compensation decrease was chosen by Tim Cook himself in light of criticism and ideas from investors.

As indicated by the records, the pay financial plan for 2023 is $49 million. This implies that Tim Cook’s remuneration this year is 40% not as much as his pay in 2022.

Such a cut in pay doesn’t mean the Cupertino goliath lost cash the year before. As per the organization’s assertion, last year was outstandingly great. All were under the authority of President Tim Cook.

The level of execution based RSUs granted to Cook will increment from half to 75% of his 2023 objective offer honor, as per the intermediary explanation.

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