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CEO Lei Jun himself is testing Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle in the snow forest. 

Xiaomi has reported that it will send off its own electric vehicle (EV), and a progression of photographs of it being tried out and about have arisen. Presently, photographs of two Xiaomi EVs being tried to check whether they can endure the climate in China have arisen.

Xiaomi might have tried these 2 EVs in weighty snow to perceive how much cool they can endure. One of the features is that Chief Lei Jun himself was seen riding and testing.

Thusly, it is accepted that Xiaomi is endeavoring to present new EV vehicles, and it is assessed that the hour of presentation is close. Albeit the specific plan of the vehicle is left hidden, the new Xiaomi EV will be a Tesla Model S-like game car.

As indicated by the photographs, Xiaomi additionally introduced LiDAR sensor innovation on the top of these EVs. Along these lines, it is sure that Xiaomi EV vehicles will incorporate “self-driving” or “independent driving” innovation. It is accounted for that only one model will be presented first, and it will be sold independently in two unique renditions.

Xiaomi plans to present the new EV vehicle this year, and it will go discounted in 2024.

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