Which brand will the phone be with a Coca-Cola theme?

It is not uncommon for many smartphone brands to release special editions. According to the concept of marketing, we also make designs that the brand’s audience will like. Based on a memorable date, they often do various things, like making fancy designs.

Now, an unknown smartphone has emerged with a Coca-Cola design. Ice Universe, a well-known leakster, provided us with this image.Which brand? As for which model, Ice Universe itself did not reveal it, but it is a mystery.

We often see strange phones from some unexpected brands, so this Cola phone is a fun puzzle to guess. “I’ve seen a picture of the all-new #ColaPhone.” Perhaps Coca-Cola has joined forces with the smartphone brand. “Can you guess which brand it will be?” Ice Universe asked.

The Coca-Cola logo can be seen on the back, along with two cameras and a flash. Based on the phone’s body shape and camera setup, it is highly likely to be a vanilla Realme 10 model. As readers, I would like to invite you to guess which brand and phone it will be.

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