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Rakuten Viber has introduced a new feature that will allow you to customize the storage of files in Viber.

With Viber’s new feature, users will be able to manage their smartphone and tablet memory storage as well as remove unwanted files to free up more memory. Rakuten Viber, the world’s leading provider of fully secure messaging and calling services, has introduced a new feature that lets users control file storage within the Viber app. […]

Technology News

Vivo introduces the Cool Y Series Y22 smartphone with advanced design and photography capabilities.

Vivo, a leading technology brand, recently announced the launch of the Y22, the latest generation of the Y Series, which offers complete styling and innovative new technology experiences. Like the previous Y Series smartphones, the Y22’s affordable price, modern styling, and innovative technology are popular among Myanmar’s youth. When Y22 was introduced in Myanmar, the […]

Business Technology News

“Nostr,” the Twitter killer, is coming to the Apple App Store. 

Nostr, a decentralized social networking protocol like blockchain technology, has arrived on the Apple App Store. Nostr was popularized by former Twitter CEO Jark Dorsey’s interest in the technology, and Jark Dorsey later donated 14 bitcoins to Nostr’s creator. Due to such people’s interest, Damus, the most successful mobile app based on the Nostr Protocol, […]