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“Nostr,” the Twitter killer, is coming to the Apple App Store. 

Nostr, a decentralized social networking protocol like blockchain technology, has arrived on the Apple App Store.

Nostr was popularized by former Twitter CEO Jark Dorsey’s interest in the technology, and Jark Dorsey later donated 14 bitcoins to Nostr’s creator. Due to such people’s interest, Damus, the most successful mobile app based on the Nostr Protocol, was able to beta test with about 10,000 people. Therefore, these app developers were able to apply for an official listing on the Apple App Store. Now, Damus has been approved, and anyone can download and use it on the App Store.

On this news, Jack Dorsey himself said in a Twitter comment that the ability to launch this is a landmark for Open Protocol technologies.

Nostr stands for “Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays” and will only be able to send notes to each other. Users will be able to open an account by generating a key pair that includes a public key and a private key through a client application. The public key will be regarded as the user’s “ID” in the protocol, and the private key will work similarly to the user’s password. The user can broadcast the message to the protocol by contacting the intermediary relay or signing the message with their private key. By using different forms of cryptography, users encrypt messages on the way to the public key of the person they want to send them to. can send When the receiver’s public key arrives, it can be decrypted and read using the private key.

This way of working will be similar to Bitcoin. A Bitcoin transaction also uses a different encryption so that only the correct recipient can “decrypt” the refund. In other words, it will be used in later transactions. Bitcoin has evolved from the simple send-to-public-key dynamic currently used by Nostr, but the original idea remains the same.

It can be said that Nostr is still a project with very few users, and the protocol is still very young. Bitcoin is currently 14 years old, but it still needs to be accepted globally. Nostr is still part of that history. For whatever reason, technology is open and uncensorable; due to the non-authorized communication protocol, the reliability is high. The Damus App is now available for download on the App Store, so Nostr can reach more people than ever before.

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