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Instagram that will be able to use Telegram-style Channel Feature

Telegram has many features that are different from other messaging apps. One of them is the Channel Feature, which can be used in different ways from the Group type.

Now, it is reported that Meta company is planning to copy Telegram’s channel feature. This is Meta’s social media app, Instagram, which is testing a new feature called “Broadcast Channel”. At the moment, it is known that it is being tested first with a few creators, and then it is likely that everyone will be able to use it.

Instagram’s Broadcast Channel Feature is a one-way messaging feature, just like Telegram’s channel, and only the person holding the channel can send messages. This will be more useful for sharing information than talking to each other. Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Meta, will share audio clips through the channel. He said that he would be able to send photos and other content.

Currently, the Broadcast Channel Feature will be released first on Instagram. Later, they said that they are planning to release it for Facebook and Messenger as well, and it will take about a few months.

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