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Some Samsung phones are experiencing battery issues after installing the OneUI 5.1 update. 

Samsung started rolling out the One UI 5.1 update based on Android 13 OS last month for the Galaxy S23 series and other Galaxy phones. The One UI 5.1 update was intended to be more smooth in addition to adding new features, but according to the latest news, it is facing a few problems.

This is because some Samsung Galaxy phones are experiencing battery problems after installing the One UI 5.1 update. It is reported that Galaxy phones that are usually experiencing battery problems are heating up more than usual, and the battery life is running out quickly.

Currently, it is known that this battery problem is most common among Galaxy S21 Series and Galaxy S22 Series phone users, and other One UI 5.1 Update phones may also occur.

So far, no official solution has been released as to why the phone heats up and consumes more battery. Some users reported that Samsung’s default app, Samsung Keyboard, is showing a warning that the battery is consuming more than usual.

Anyway, the One UI 5.1 update is facing problems, so it is expected that Samsung will issue a software update as soon as possible to solve them.

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