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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will not have an S Pen Slot. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 supports the S Pen, a feature of Samsung’s flagship phones. However, the S Pen cannot be stored inside the phone and must be carried separately.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 foldable phone, which is to be introduced in the second half of 2023, is planned to be introduced with a design change. Therefore, it is predicted that the Z Fold5 phone will be able to include the S Pen inside the phone.

According to the latest news, Samsung has rejected the inclusion of the S Pen in the Galaxy Z Fold5. According to Samsung’s solution, if the current S Pen can be inserted into the Galaxy Z Fold5, the phone will be thicker, and if the S Pen is thinner than it is now, it may not be comfortable when using it.

Therefore, the Galaxy Z Fold5 phone will not be able to insert the S Pen, but Samsung has already designed the Galaxy Z Fold6 phone so that the S Pen can be inserted into the phone in its current form.

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