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Microsoft will introduce its own app store to compete with Google and Apple.

At present, Apple’s Application Store and Google Play Store stand as the two greatest application stores. Concerning the remainder of the application store, there is Huawei’s application exhibition, but it must be utilized on Huawei gadgets, so it can’t be utilized on different gadgets.

Presently, Phil Spencer, one of the heads of Microsoft, gave some novel news in a meeting with the Monetary Times. With the assistance of the European Association’s Computerized Markets Act, known as the DMA, Microsoft is wanting to make its own application store.

The European Union’s Computerized Markets Act, which takes effect in 2024, means that Mac and discover devices will be permitted to use third-party application stores.Hence, one might say that it is the best time for Microsoft to launch its own application store.

Microsoft will make an application store; however, it will at first incorporate games and applications accessible on Xbox. So later, when Xbox games can be played on cell phones, Microsoft expects to construct its own environment.

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