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The original iPhone was sold at closeout for more than 100,000

Apple will announce the iPhone 15 series this year, yet the original iPhone is as of now the most costly iPhone sold. Presently, a stopped original iPhone has been unloaded for more than $50,000.


A formerly discontinued original iPhone sold for more than $63,000, and presently it’s selling for $55,000. Very much like previously, the original iPhone with stop lock is $35,000 It sold for $39,000.

First-Generation iPhone Sold for $63K,Nearly 100 Times Its Send-Off Cost

The value of the 16-year-old iPhone is still rising. Not exclusively Apple’s cell phones, however other old items are likewise getting great costs. Among them was a Macintosh 1 PC, which was unloaded at an excessive cost. An iPhone 11, endorsed by Apple Chief Tim Cook, has been sold for nearly $4,000

Steve Occupations’ Specialized Directions $12,500 His business card was sold for $6,188. Currently, the iPhone is being sold by one Apple worker for $55,000.

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