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Programmers hacked a Tesla vehicle and got a $100,000 prize for the Tesla Model 3.

At the Pwn2Own hacking occasion, programmers hacked a Tesla vehicle and won a $100,000 Tesla Model 3. Electric vehicles have implicit programming, so they can have security openings.

Programmers hack Tesla

Programmers can take the vehicle from the security circle and coerce cash. Likewise, programmers can go after the organization’s information servers.

Programmers assume remote control of Tesla’s brakes and entryway locks from 12 miles away.

In one hacking challenge, a group of programmers hacked the Tesla Model 3 and won 100,000 bucks. Programmer bunch Synactiv won the Pwn2Own hacking rivalry and utilized TOCTOU to control the vehicle. Tesla has asked programmers not to unveil the security defect until it figures out how to fix it.

Synactiv utilized the Hour of Really Looking at Season of Purpose (TOCTOU) strategy to adjust inward documents.

Pwn2Own is a renowned hacking event where programmers from everywhere in the world seek prizes. The occasion is when programmers hack well-known programs. The group that can hack first wins.

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